Decision Dynamics Career Model™

What is a successful career? Ask several persons this question and you will get many different answers. People’s perspectives on careers vary in terms of, for example, how long one would ideally stay in the same occupational field, or which direction one’s career should develop. This will have great effect on what competencies one develops, what one finds engaging and during which circumstances that performance is the highest. Based on more than 40 years of research, the Career Model highlights four main Career Concepts or views of the ideal career.


The Expert Career Concept is the most stable and historically dominant view of a successful career as being a lifelong commitment to a profession with which one identifies. Success means to be the best, i e the expert in one’s area.


The Linear Career Concept is instead focused on rapid movement upward the ”corporate ladder”. Success is measured in the level one has reached, which can be translated in responsibility, power and influence.


The Spiral Career Concept is a less traditional view where one rather discovers one’s career through periodic (5-10 years) lateral changes of occupational fields. Success means frequent opportunities to widen one’s competence base and get new experiences.


The Transitory Career Concept is the most change-oriented and least conventional view, even to the extent that many consider it as not even a career. The more different and frequent the changes, the better.