Wallbreakers is a leadership simulation that trains implementation and anchoring of organisational change.

Most people react with resistance when facing change, and this makes change leadership crucial. Wallbreakers will train your people skills and let you explore the connection between your leadership style and employee attitudes towards change.

Wallbreakers is a safe training ground to practice decision making, test assumptions, and see the impact of your plan unfold. In real life, valuable lessons can come at a high price, but Wallbreakers prepares you for real life dilemmas in a risk-free setting. With this practice, you can get it right when it really counts.

Wallbreakers is a gamed-based tool designed to support and empower your change journey. This is done by practicing decision making, testing assumptions, and seeing the impact of your plan unfold, the good and the bad. In short, Wallbreakers will help you brush up on your change leadership skills and give you the opportunity to reflect and discuss your change strategy in a risk-free and engaging learning environment.